Dufferin Park
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164 St. Paul Avenue, Brantford

Dufferin Park is a community park comprised of 6 Tennis courts, 1 Lawn Bowling green and 1 bocce court, as well as a softball diamond, soccer field , playground and parking lot. A building on site includes washrooms, dressing rooms, a small community hall and kitchen facilities. Dufferin Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club offer recreational programs at the park through the summer. https://www.dufferinclub.ca/


8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
open iconOpen with limited services

Dufferin tennis courts are open daily 8am-8pm

Health and Safety remains a top priority for the City of Brantford and its citizens. Follow all Covid-9 safety guidelines including:

  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry and exit and after touching common surfaces ( door handles, gates fencing etc)
  • Avoid touching your face and cough/sneeze into your sleeve
  • Do not congregate
  • Maximum 4 people per court and 5 people in the court waiting area at any one time
  • Maintain physical distancing. Stay 2m/6ft apart

Failure to comply may result in fines and eviction from the park


  • Singles games only for tennis and pickle ball at this time. Doubles play is permitted. Note: an exception can be made if family members all living in the same home wish to play together ( 4/court).
  • No camp programming
  • Tennis bookings /schedules will be posted daily.
  • Private lessons are not permitted during public court time
  • Court lighting at Dufferin Tennis and lawn bowling will be removed this summer. The facility will close at 8pm June, July & August and 7pm in September.
  • Four courts are available for play.
  • Lawn Bowling and Bocce are NOT currently permitted.
  • The clubhouse, locker rooms, washrooms and hall facilities remain closed.

One portable washroom with hand washing station and sanitizer dispensers will be on site. Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it each and every time you touch a common surface (door handle, portable washroom, gate, etc.). Bring your own water. Refilling stations are not available. Consistent with Public Health recommendations, players are encouraged to wear a mask or face covering when using the facility.

open iconOpen with limited services

The City's top priority during this crisis continues to be the health and safety of our citizens and staff. Consistent with the advice provided by Public Health Canada and to help slow the rate of COVID -19 community spread in our city, the City of Brantford has cancelled a series of non-essential programs and services. For current closures and re-openings visit: https://www.brantford.ca/en/living-here/city-service-updates.aspx

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